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Creative Industries Network European Window


CINEW promotes innovation in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the creative industries.It involves six regions, from Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain and UK. It builds on the previous CISNET project's outcomes in providing a market place, marketing, technology, stimulation of innovation and access to resources and expertise to assist enterprises develop internationally.  It is supported by the Atlantic Area INTERREG programme in the period 2013-2015.

We work with enterprises on an individual basis and support them in developing products and services through creative events with others, attending trade fairs, matchmaking to develop or trade internationally.

The project has six objectives, delivered through supporting activities:

  • to enable enterprises to reach out beyond their regions. Enterprises will be supported to 12 showcase events offering promotion and sales opportunities.
  • joint working of enterprises and research bodies to innovate or gain access to markets. Six creative events bring enterprises together to pursue joint developments.
  • matchmaking and business support to 150 enterprises and 30 gaining business benefits.
  • to promote innovation and knowledge transfer among enterprises in the Atlantic Area through the most advanced but easy to use knowledge networking tools, resulting in a fully tested system.
  • to establish working relations with other creative industry support networks across Europe and involve these with the Creative City. There will be active networking and exchanges with at least six other networks
  • to develop the 'Creative City' into a sustainable package of activities, which will continue after the project is finished.





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