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An innovative city : Laval

Laval and its surrounding area are ideally situated, in the middle, or even better in the heart of the West of France. Laval benefits from the service offered by the high-speed train (TGV), with a station in the center of town, and two access points to the motorway. This enviable geographic situation suits logistics as well as production and more generally the service industry.

Thanks to this diversity from several major fields have emerged, the economic activity is the most important factor attracting businesses to Laval.

Business groups working from Laval include Lactalis, created by the Besnier family, which has 20,000 employees worldwide and Gruau (5th generation), which is the most important manufacturer and designer of utilitarian vehicules. More recently, the group Seche has become the third most important French business involved the environment. Other local companies have managed to retain their roots while at the same time joining international groups.

This pioneering spirit has inspired industrial application and research in the area of new technologies. This is also seen in subcontracting in the car industry (plastics technology, composite materials and metallurgy), which are increasingly linked to laboratories in the engineering schools and the center of virtual reality CLARTE with its engineering center. Virtual Reality, which has become a speciality of Laval, is the strong arm of industrial development and technology. Thias has led to the annual exhibition of Laval Virtual (Held in April).

This economic basin, should find itself classed each year in the economic press as an attractive area.