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Rural Alliances

The Rural Alliances Project is a unique chance to share & learn innovative approaches to:

  • Distinguish and improve your business
  • Be part of an active & really interesting community
  • Create new and better prospects for people to work & live in rural areas
  • Gain a reputation for being a fun and friendly place to visit & stay
  • Improve and safeguard essential services

This project provides you with a unique chance to join the alliance building programme, helps us all to find out what it means to be vibrant and jointly discover how to protect rural services.

Rural Areas across Europe are experiencing rapid changes.  Young people leave, not to return, new people move in & have to make new friends & connections with local life.  The elderly wonder how long they can stay on their own.  The old ways of earning a living from the land have changed, no longer dependant on agriculture and forestry.  New types of businesses are setting up & adapting to modern trends.  Families and communities have changed, from everyone knowing each other and helping each other out, to greater segregation & sometimes isolation.  The spark, the mixture of what makes a village, town or area vibrant, is now more elusive.  Prospects for rural areas are in the balance.

This is where the Rural Alliances project comes in to play. 12 partners (with lots of other interested groups) from 6 EU countries wish to challenge convention.  They want to work with rural businesses, to draw on their "make it happen" attitudes, at the same time build on the traditional values of rural communities, loyalty, pride and self-esteem, so together they can reshape their areas to make them friendly, buzzing with activity and creating a stable future for all their residents.

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Rural Alliances

Rural Alliances Project


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